Artist's Statement

My art seeks to facilitate encounters with strange images. To this end, I create pieces that utilize video projection, sculptural relief, and the interplay between these two techniques. Both mediums play with the phantasmagoric; they create illusions that an image or presence is really there when in fact it is not. The images I create with projected light are brittle; they disappear when someone blocks the projector beam or turns on the lights. Reliefs raise or sink portions of their surface to come closer to a more honest, three-dimensional existence which they cannot fully embody. The coexistence of the projector alongside a work of art, the inescapable one-sidedness of relief, creates the impression of an imperfect attempt to appear before the viewer. The work of art is trying its best to be here with you.

I usually work in a figurative mode, trying to conjure image of something even if that something cannot easily be given a name.  What relevance do these apparitions have for Americans trying to make their way through the world in 2018? How real are they? What do they look like? What do they want?  That is what I am attempting to discover.